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Vingtor-Stentofon VSS-V2 Sound Reception System first to be MED certified

In 2014, Vingtor-Stentofon was the first brand to offer a Sound Signal Reception system tested and compliant with the performance standard ISO14859:2012.

The MED directive states that, “Marine equipment can only be installed onboard ships flying the flag of an EU country, Norway or Iceland (EFTA countries), or other flag states requiring this if it is marked with the MED Mark of Conformity, also known as the “wheelmark”."

The sound reception system (VSS-V2) marketed under the brand Vingtor-Stentofon is a navigation aid system required on ships with enclosed bridges. The system allows the officer in charge of the navigational watch to hear sound signals and determine their direction. The VSS-V2 system also conforms to the SOLAS regulation HSC code, ISO 14859 and DNV 2012 rules.

“Shortly after the revision of the Marine Equipment Directive from EU was put into place in December 2014, the certification process for the VSS-V2 was completed,” said Audun Gjaerevoll Kolle, Head of Product Management, Vingtor-Stentofon. The certificate is valid until 2019 and allows us to affix the Mark of Conformity, known as “the Wheelmark,” on all VSS-V2 systems.”

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