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Zenitel Brazil at Parking Lab - picture

Zenitel Brazil demonstrate parking solutions at Parking Lab 2017

The event’s philosophy is to bring innovation and new technologies and solutions to parking administrators.The goal is to change their mindset  and to introduce them to new parking solutions that enable  their parking facilities to be more efficient.

Zenitel invited to showcase their parking solutions

Zenitel were invited to attend the event by the organizer Fernando Braz, following a meeting at the Zenitel office in Brazil. Fernando was impressed with the technology and flexibility we are able to provide and asked us to present and demonstrate our systems at the event.

Parking Lab 2017, Vingtor-Stentofon parking solutions - picture

Fernando Braz has decades of experience working as a Mall Parking Administrator and knows the local market very well. He witnessed first-hand the low level of investment in parking systems, which in turn contributed to poor efficiency and several issues that plagued the industry. He decided to create a news portal for the market and to launch this event with the focus on innovation and technology for parking systems.

Enhanced security and operational efficiency

The Zenitel team of Sergio Mendes, Business Development Manager and Belmiro Duarte, Area Sales Manager, demonstrated Vingtor-Stentofon`s parking solutions. Our solutions greatly enhance security and operational efficiency. With a simple push of an intercom button, users can establish direct communication with security personnel.In addition, all parking facilities should have a high emphasize on maximum efficiency in daily operations, as well as revenue generating activities for the parking facility owners.

It is of outmost importance that you get easily in and out of the parking area and that the ticket printing and payment procedure is as effective as possible. With Vingtor-Stentofon intercom solutions, state of the art quality Intercom software and hardware fit directly in these parking environments.

Hear, be heard and be understood with no misunderstandings or misinterpretations

If you are at a vehicle entry or exit gate, by the pay-on-foot machine, in the lift or at one of the parking levels - at the touch of a button on one of the emergency call stations you can initiate a direct call for immediate assistance, help and support. The two-way communication allows both parties to hear, be heard and be understood with no misunderstandings or misinterpretations. Read more about our parking solutions here

Zenitel Brazil has already had significant success in this market and has supplied TKIS-2 VoIP Intercom Module for parking equipment manufacturers. Our systems can be found at the following parking sites amongst others: 

  • Maracanã Stadium – Rio de Janeiro, RJ
  • Portonave Port – Navegantes, SC
  • Nações Shopping Mall – Criciúma, SC
Segment: Transportation, Parking
Location: Brazil

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