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Zenitel, Feenics Announce Product Integration

Zenitel and Feenics today announced the integration with Zenitel’s ICX-AlphaCom platform and the Feenics cloud-based access control solution.

Feenics Acre and Zenitel Integrates

The integration is the enhancement and extension of a long-standing partnership between both companies. The product integration provides security teams the ability to both speak and listen and allow access to facilities and unmanned entry points, while optimizing processes and their actionable responses to incidents.

“Our customers need a security and safety solution that helps them to mitigate everyday risks,” says Jeff Ross, Director of Marketing, ACRE Americas. “The ability for our access control solution to easily integrate with Zenitel’s ICX AlphaCom interface will provide building owners more insight and control into securing their buildings and facilities.”

“This product integration meets the everyday needs for intelligent critical communication within access control,” says Kelly Lake, Director of Strategic Alliances for Zenitel.  “It’s an example of two great companies working together to meet a market demand, and we look forward to showcasing it to security leaders.”

The Feenics/Zenitel product integration also provides improved situational awareness by uniting real time live audio, video, and alarm monitoring. Operators now have information for faster, better, and more informed decisions when responding to alarm activity. Key integration features include easy call handling, an audit trail, integrated audio and video and door release, clear communications, advanced cybersecurity, and more.

Additional information about the product integration can be found here.

About ACRE

ACRE is a global leader in the delivery of integrated technologies and services. Since its formation in 2012, ACRE has played an instrumental role in developing and implementing security technology initiatives on a global scale. Its Vanderbilt, TDS, Comnet, Feenics, dnaFusion, Access It!, and Matrix brands deliver advanced solutions to thousands of customers worldwide. Today, ACRE employs more than 500 employees in more than 25 countries. For more information, visit

About Feenics

Feenics is a cloud-based platform that provides extreme scalability, unprecedented flexibility, and advanced security. It integrates native visitor management and a RESTful API that allows simple integration of complementary systems and open hardware devices, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership. Leveraging Authentic Mercury Security open field hardware, Feenics works with industry-leading video, intrusion, and wireless lock manufacturers, delivering robust solutions through its value-added reseller partners worldwide. For more information, visit

About the Zenitel Group

Zenitel is the leading provider of Intelligent critical communication solutions that allow people to hear, be heard, and be understood, in every situation. Zenitel solutions are designed to cater safety & security needs of both onshore and offshore markets. Because communication is critical, Zenitel solutions are also great in integrating with other systems and solution in a seamless way. To find more about us, visit