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Zenitel has been chosen as a Tech40 label company

Zenitel has been chosen as a Tech40 label company

Each year Tech 40 will allow 40 top performing European companies to benefit from premium services. An initial shortlist of 80 companies was drawn up from the total of 320 listed Tech companies. A nine-member committee made the final selection using qualitative and quantitative criteria.

It is one of a series of measures adopted by EnterNext since 2014 to boost the visibility of tech companies on financial markets and provide special assistance to them.

Tech 40—a unique initiative putting young tech companies listed on Euronext markets in the spotlight

Companies with the Tech 40 label are young technology stocks listed on Euronext markets and operating in life sciences, eco-industries or TMT2. An independent group of European experts selected the first forty on the basis of their business, financial and stock market performance.

All forty Tech 40 companies will enjoy one year of promotion and special assistance:

  • Inclusion in the exclusive Tech 40 index that will launch on May 4
  • A roadshow program targeting international and other venues
  • Membership of the Tech 40 Club, with events featuring key opinion and business leaders (entrepreneurs, experts, etc.)

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