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Zenitel introduces high-quality and proven Public Address and Voice Alarm Solutions

Zenitel, the leading provider of critical communication solutions, proudly introduces public address and voice alarm (PAVA) solutions for its customers.

This development comes thanks to Zenitel/ASL joining forces in August 2021 when ASL joined the Zenitel group. This induction of this new PAVA solution makes Zenitel the only expert with unified audio platform offering in the safety & security marketplace. The introduction of this new PAVA means that Zenitel’s customers now empower their security teams to deliver clear messages and alerts for any situation, in any environment.

The high-quality and proven PAVA solution has been deployed by ASL in many markets and remains successfully operational across multiple facilities. The IP solutions provide exceptional audio performance, with 16bit/48kHz sampling and high-quality audio processing that results in crystal clear, high intelligibility message reproduction. In addition, the solutions are designed for high availability and 10-year operating lifespans, while meeting rigorous safety standards, with EN 54-16, UL, and CSA certifications.

The design of the Public Address & Voice Alarm Solutions gives users the flexibility to choose between centralized and de-centralized architectures and a rack-mount or wall-mount installation. The solution also comes with dynamic configuration options for zones and amplifier power on top of functionality such as paging announcements to keep people informed; the ability to issue event-driven or pre-recorded messages; the capability to stream background music or audio files; interactive perimeter and asset protection; and integration with a video management system. First responders and emergency services can use emergency microphones to issue instructions over a Public Address system. 

Overall, the Public Address and Voice Alarm Solutions meets both emergency and usual operation needs of security teams.

 “We are excited to launch this high-quality ASL Public Address and Voice Alarm solution, an end-to-end critical communication solution offering to further strengthen the position for Zenitel as a natural part of any high-quality and robust Safety & Security solution” says Lars Paulsson, Executive Vice President, Safety and Security, Zenitel. “By adding life safety capabilities to our security offering we can offer a ‘Unified Audio platform’ of PA/VA, intercom and IP speakers that seamlessly integrates with partner systems and all major platforms in the security industry.” 

“With the addition of this Public Address and Voice Alarm solution Zenitel is now the only audio expert in the Safety and Security market that can offer a truly unified critical communications solution,” adds Erik Hoffmann, Head of Product Management, Safety and Security, Zenitel. “Our new PAVA solutions offer advanced audio processing that delivers crystal clear, highly intelligible audio for life safety applications, operational PA and background music in all kinds of environments.”

Public Address and Voice Alarm Solutions by Zenitel include: 

INTEGRA “PAVA in-a-box”
INTEGRA systems is the go-to solution for onshore markets. It is a pre-built, EN 54-16 system that lowers complexity. The INTEGRA all-in-one, network enabled voice alarm solution is available with three, five, seven, and ten amplification channels.

VIPEDIA Scalable:
VIPEDIA systems are built for 19” racks and offer even greater flexibility and scalability. VIPEDIA combines high-quality, professional audio processing with everything required for safe emergency voice announcements. It is suitable for small, medium, and large-scale live sound installation, and more.

EN54 “PAVA in-a-box”:
A wall-mounted, pre-configured solution that can be standalone or part of a larger networked implementation. Comes with a choice of 3, 5, 7, 10 amplifiers as standard.

Audio Router: VIPEDIA 12 NET:
Route your messages as you like, and tailor the system’s output for performance in even the most demanding acoustic environment. Onboard EQ, AVC, Dynamics, and line monitoring for each source and output are available. 

Amplifier Mainframe V2000:
Perfect for flexible zone building as it enhances situational awareness, allows remote monitoring, and clear communications, even in the most challenging conditions. Amplifier cards slots are available for up to 10 zones (or 9+1), or up to 2,000W total output. The solution also acts as Battery Charger/Power management for Vipedia and Mic Panels.

Output Modules: D150, D500 & LSZDC:
The D150 and D500 amps combined with the LSZDC interface module give configurable power outputs to monitored A+B speaker interleaved speaker lines. It is configurable in 5W increments from 25W to max rating (150W/500W). Impedance and DC monitoring options are available. 

Emergency Microphones:
The wall-mount emergency mics are designed with a fist mic for use by emergency responders. They can be wired directly to Vipedia/Integra units to offer extra fail-safes via a hardware bypass. 

Multi-purpose Microphone:
The MPS desktop range is scalable to meet needs, regardless of size. Optional wall mounts are available to enable flexible installation methods. All MPS mics can be wired as IP stations for operational-only applications or as analog stations where EN54 is required. They can be wired directly to VIPEDIA/INTEGRA units to offer extra fail-safes via a hardware bypass.  

Available in the EMEA and APAC markets
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About the Zenitel Group 
Zenitel is the leading provider of Intelligent critical communication solutions that allow people to hear, be heard, and be understood, in every situation. Zenitel solutions are designed to cater safety and security needs of both our onshore and offshore customers. Because communication is critical, Zenitel solutions are also great in integrating with other systems and solutions in a seamless way. To find more about us, visit