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Pulse IP Distributed Communications Platform

Zenitel to launch next-generation Pulse at ASIS 2017

“We no longer consider ourselves an intercom company - we're an intelligent communications company,” says Jim Hoffpauir, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Building Security and Safety. "Intelligibility, the ability to hear, be heard and be understood every time, is critical to all areas of the organization. Our industry must move from situational communications to operational 'always on' communications.”

Pulse continues to provide Zenitel’s world-famous intelligible voice audio, while supporting the key ‘-ilities’ that IT demands in the provisioning of business systems. Pulse takes a unique approach towards IP Communication and IP Public Address (PA) that ensures high availability, scalability, reliability, maintainability, and cyber defensibility

By reducing hardware to a minimum, and keeping the benefits of centralized server services, organizations gain more flexibility in scale and performance. You don’t need an external server! Instead, any station can provide essential server services. With out-of-the-box enterprise functionality and simple scalability, Pulse becomes the new standard for highly scalable, cost efficient, and effective communications to support your operational business needs.

Pulse has also increased the scalability of intelligent communications by moving audio processing to the edge. This allows for simple, incremental growth without a negative impact on network bandwidth.  The native features of Pulse’s intelligibility, such as noise reduction, automatic volume control, acoustic echo cancellation and event scripting are processed at the edge before audio is encoded.  The result is a highly scalable, robust, feature-rich solution unlike any other.

Pulse is delivered through a variety of Zenitel audio stations with a focus on out-of-the-box, easy to use features, reducing implementation cost and risk. When configured as an IP PA, Pulse makes delivering voice audio possible with a simple press of the button.

Pulse is incredibly simple to deploy.  Your enterprise scalability starts with your second IP audio station configured on your network. No server. No software. No hassle.

ASIS 2017 will be held in Dallas, Texas, from September 25-28.

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