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Zenitel - Leading IP Innovations

IP Innovations yesterday, today and tomorrow

Our new tagline, Because communication is critical, represents that we are in the business of delivering intelligent communication solutions, with built-in intelligence that can adapt to real-world environments, ensuring our customers can hear, be heard and be understood - every time.

Throughout our long history there has always been a because behind every innovation. A reason why the innovation was necessary in helping to make IP technology a business tool that brings real value to everyday operations. Below are some of the highlights from the last two decades.


2005: Alphacom E7Alphacom E/ - picture

The Alphacom E7 was the first native IP enabled critical communications server.
Because Scalability is Critical


2008: SIPSIP - picture

Zenitel were the first to offer SIP support on dedicated vandal and weather resistant end points.
Because Extending Unified Communications is Critical


2009: Active Noise ReductionActive Noise Reduction - picture

The first to offer noise reduction embedded at the edge in every SIP station.
Because Intelligibility is Critical


IP Horn Speaker - picture2010: IP Horn Speaker

The first to launch Horn Speakers with embedded SIP and POE.
Because Unified Emergency Communications is Critical


2011: PULSEPULSE - picture

The first native SIP Communication Platform. Embedded in every IP station,e asy to install and requires no central exchange.
Because Maintainability is Critical


2012: Turbine CompactTurbine compact - picture

A new standard for edge devices.The first IP station with: Digital MEMS Microphones ● Anechoic Speaker Design ● Open Duplex at 95 dB ● Class-D 10W amp ● Matching 10W speaker
Because  Intelligibility Every Time is Critical


2013: Exigo IP Public AddressExigo - picture

Flexibility delivered in one native IP package
Because Being Heard and Understood Everywhere is Critical


2015: Turbine VideoTurbine Video - picture

The new standard for edge devices, now has video over a single IP address
Because To See, Hear, be Heard and Understood is Critical


2017: 4.7 EnhancementsPULSE 4.7 - picture

Redefines what can be done at the edge. First to deliver 4,200 station capacity without an external server. 
Because Scalability, Interoperability and Defensibility are Critical


The Innovation Continues

The innovation does not stop there. We will continue to come up with intelligent communication solutions, bringing technologies together to deliver integrated solutions. Allowing you to hear, be heard and be understood every time and anywhere.


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