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Zenitel Norway delivers TETRA to the Ormen Lange Gas Refinery

Ormen Lange supplies twenty percent of Great Britain’s natural gas and is the second largest gas field on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The assignment, given by the Ormen Lange operator A/S Norske Shell via contractor Aker Offshore Partner AS, will be the first TETRA system from Motorola that will be delivered to the oil and gas industry in Norway.

The radio agreement comprises Motorola’s Dimetra IP Compact TETRA infrastructure and ATEX TETRA radios with GPS positioning. In addition, Zenitel’s own line of repeaters, from Zenitel Confined Area Solutions, are going to be used for expanding the radio coverage into Confined Areas or anywhere where a high level of system robustness or redundancy is required.

“We are very pleased to be selected as the preferred supplier for this project. The choice of Zenitel and Motorola is a major breakthrough for the oil and gas sector in Norway. This project confirms the shift from traditional analog UHF / VHF radio systems to digital TETRA systems in Norway is now starting." said Thor Ivar Gikling, sales director of Zenitel Wireless Norway.

TETRA is the digital standard for professional radio systems and is the same as that used by the Norwegian public safety network Nodnett. Motorola's TETRA system supports a variety of features that contribute to increased safety in relation to critical communications. Motorola has implemented GPS receivers into portable radios, which together with the "Man down" feature, helps to increase security for users in vulnerable areas of the oil industry. For example, a users position will, in an emergency situation, be reported into a computer map to identify the user and the incident quickly.

Another advantage of TETRA to the oil and gas sector is the ability of TETRA based radio to combine with ordinary ‘phone and pager services. This helps to limit the number of portable devices used, and make both use and service easier and cheaper.

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