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Zenitel Maritime & Energy Partner Highlight - Comfour Brazil

Belmiro established the company in 1996 to provide the Brazilian market with high-tech IT services. In 2010, Comfour shifted into the oil & gas and shipbuilding industry. The company partnered with Zenitel Norway AS to support, manage and promote our products.

For 12 years of our cooperation, Comfour has become a well-known and reliable Zenitel distributor and service provider. Thus, the company has been successfully implementing our intelligent communication solutions in the region.

Belmiro Duarte, CEO of Comfour Brazil a long lasting partner of Zenitel
Belmiro Duarte, Commercial Manager and Founder of Comfour Brazil

1.    What's the latest project with Zenitel’s equipment you're most proud of?

I would highlight our recent project for Ocyan Drilling S/A who operates for the largest Brazilian oil and gas company Petrobras. We served two of their drillships with an IP Marine Talkback Solution. It consisted of ICX-500 rack server, several TFIE, and TFIX Turbine Stations. We connected all of them via Flowire Network with a customized Alphacom programming. Most importantly, the software met all the Petrobras’ functional requirements, the customer tested and approved it.

2.    What does the future look like, in your opinion, when it comes to critical onboard communication solutions?

Today’s onboard communication goes beyond the “rig fences” while integration and remote services are now used by default. For example, Modern VoIP systems and IPTV are the new “product bundle” for instant communication, crew welfare, and entertainment onboard. Also, in terms of cybersecurity, means of “risk analysis and incident recovery plan” become important.
We have already taken some steps in this direction. For instance, Comfour has had a contract with Petrobras since mid-2021 regarding remote voice & alarm communication.
We also expect some new intercom & PAGA retrofit opportunities over the next 4 years. It is especially important with Petrobras’ revitalization plans in the Campos Basin. 

3.    What in your opinion is the strongest reason(s) you keep working with Zenitel?

In addition to the excellent reputation of its products, we consider such long and successful cooperation with Zenitel our “trademark”. We think, it proves the good synergy between our team members. From customer service to the warehouse department, we keep clear and efficient communication. It allows us to solve complex issues with the help of Zenitel’s solutions.

Want to know more about Comfour's operation, visit their website: 

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