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Item Number: 2340130005

PA Main Unit,19" Rack

  • Input & priorities for 3 microphone panels
  • Input from CIS 3130 Talk Back system for PA control
  • Output to CIS Talk Back system
  • Input from entertainment system
  • PABX Input with zone presets
  • 6 zones, 400W Class-D 100V signal output
  • Input for 2 alarm panels
  • 2x Fire alarm input, all call and zone selection (fire crew)
  • Alarm mute during PA message
Marine 40x40 ico Onboard communication

The SPA-400D-V2 is part of the SPA-V2 series Public Address and General Alarm system that combines quality and value.  The SPA-V2 is an improved second generation version of the system that has been installed in thousands of marine vessels around the world. SPA-400D-V2 is the latest in the family that comes with our EA1400 Class-D amplifier.

The basic functionality module can support a single, non-redundant system and is delivered as a 19" rack that contains the main board, plus minimum one amplifier and optional functions.

Optional functions are:

  • Microphone and alarm panels
  • Dual system, with redundancy
  • Additional amplifiers
  • Alarm generators
  • PABX Interface
  • Redundant power supply
  • Digital message recorder
  • Chime generator
  • Entertainment
  • Output for voice data recording

On delivery, the rack is equipped and internally wired according to customer specifications. The system is tested and approved according to EN60945.

Rack size (WxHxD) 525 x 584 x 525 (19” 12HU)
Material Black painted steel
Mounting Floor
Voltage input Mains 230 VAC & 230 VAC emergency supply (110V AC on req. for both)
Connections Plugable terminals for max. 2.5mm2 cable
Cable requirements Signal cable 0.75mm2 twisted outer screen
Amplifier 1x EA-1400, details on separate datasheet
Output 100V - 400W (400W music @ 55 °C continuously, 400W alarm @ 55 °C 30 min.)
Operating temperaure -15 to +55°C
Relative humidity <95%
Safety EN 60065
Tested according EN 60945
Optional rack sizes 19” 12,16, 20 and 24HU
2340130022 SPA-400D-V2 PA MAIN UNIT, 19” RACK, INCL. 400 W CLASS-D AMPLIFIER, 110/110VAC



PA Panel Single with 6 zones, All Call, Dimmer, Flush



PA Panel Dual with 6 Zones, All Call, Dimmer, Flush



PA Main Unit,19” Rack Inclusive 120W Amplifier

Date Name Category Size
27.01.2022 A100K10370 SPA-V2 Configuration & Installation Manual Manual 4,154.85 KB Download
06.03.2020 A100K10369 SPA-V2 System Manual Manual 14,232.20 KB Download
07.04.2020 Declaration of Conformity SPA-V2 Declaration 72.73 KB Download
09.03.2020 A100K10371 SPA-V2 User Manual Manual 1,652.64 KB Download
23.06.2023 MD-SDoC-2340130005-IHM-8003-41808-115341 Declaration 72.19 KB Login to download
22.09.2022 SPA-V2 DNV-GL Type Approval TAA00001D2-revision4. Certificate 556.78 KB Download
28.02.2020 10231321x00_EA1400_EA1600_rev00_lo CAD CAD 2D 495.39 KB Login to download
24.08.2020 A100K11939 EA1400/EA1600 Installation & User Manual Manual 1,461.61 KB Download
11.09.2023 CRS (Croation Registry of Shipping) QFO-PTO SPA-V2 Certificate Certificate 629.80 KB Download