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APM V-CONNECT – The APM you have never seen before!

Immerse yourself in this new experience to spark new interactions with the community, reconnect with peers and stay ahead of the trends with exclusive industry insights. Tap on opportunities brought on by the new norm.

The conference will be live from 30 September to 2 October from 10am-7pm SGT (Singapore Time) which will be 04am to 1pm CET (Central European Time).

Zenitel will be live every day at our Virtual Booth and we are looking forward to experience this new opportunity to meet with our peers.

We hope that many of you will find the time to drop by. Although we cannot serve you a refreshing cold beverage this time, join us to experience this new virtual trend.

APM V-CONNECT will offer you

  • Virtual Expo (Zenitel and 248 other exhibitors)
  • Online Strategic Conference
  • AI Driven 1-to-1 business matching
  • Digital Networking
  • Spotlight in Digitalisation Standards
  • Product Webinars

If you want to take a part in this event – please remember to register as ONLY REGISTERED ATTENDEES are granted access to APM V-CONNECT.

Register Here

Segment: Maritime
Location: Global