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AVC system diagram

Intelligent Automatic Volume Control (AVC) showcased at Innotrans 2018

Our unique hardware and software solution dynamically adjusts the output volume levels of output devices, even during an ongoing PA announcement. It works across different hardware platforms, so you have the flexibility to choose a broad range of hardware as the noise sensors.

Key features:

  • Dynamic measurement of background noise, even during an announcement
  • Continuous adjustment of output levels
  • Compatibility with help points, intercoms, amplifiers and integration modules.
  • TCP-IP technology, can be placed independent of amplifiers
  • Local AVC - one device adjusts itself;
  • Remote AVC - one device controls another device
  • Multiple Noise sensors can control a single zone for increased accuracy and redundancy
  • One noise sensor can control several devices
  • Supported in Exigo- CCoIP-, Pulse- and SIP systems
  • Advanced summing or averaging functions to tailor the performance to the project requirement
  • Compatibility with legacy devices via integration over TKIS/ TKIE
  • Support for remote maintenance and configuration of all input -and output devices over SNMP

We deliver end devices for PA and Passenger Emergency Help Point Solutions that comply with open standard protocols such as SIP and SNMO, making integration with other subsystems effortless. Our solutions facilitate quick and efficient staff response to incidents in real-time, thereby helping to maintain heightened security of your staff and infrastructure.

Zenitel will be exhibiting at Innotrans in Berlin from Sept 18-21 to Z in Hall 4.1, Stand 504. We hope to see you there.

Segment: Transportation, Rail-Infrastructure, Rail-Rolling Stock
Location: Global

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