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New Superstar Class RoPax from Finnlines

Two new modern and environmentally friendly RoPax Vessels of 5,100 lm were built by China Merchants Jinling Shipyard (Weihai) Co., Ltd for Finnlines. 3D MARINTEC, a partner of Zenitel in the Asia Pacific Region, delivered state-of-the-art IP Based Critical Internal Communication systems and Safe Return to Port (SRtP) for these remarkable ships. The two RoPax ferries were designed for operation between Kapellskär (Sweden), Langnäs (Aaland), and Naantali (Finland).

Finnlines new Superstar Class RoPax ferry
Picture © Finnlines / Northern Works

Highest RoPax vessel comfort and green values

The innovative roll-on roll-of passenger vessels are built to become Finnlines’ flagships in terms of technology and size. The superstar class RoPax was created to top technical and environmental standards. New vessels will feature restaurants, a sauna and spa section, business and lounge facilities, extensive shopping areas and a variety of other services. Many processes will be digitalized, and self-service kiosks will make it easy to handle things on board the paperless ships. These hybrid ferries ensure safe and efficient navigation in first-year ice in the Baltic Sea and have the highest Finnish-Swedish Ice Class.

Integrated Critical Communication Systems for innovative ferries

3D MARINTEC, in partnership with Zenitel, has equipped Superstar RoPax ships with reliable IP Based communication solutions. We designed IP PAGA and Intercom systems and SRtP to ensure efficient operations, safety, and security onboard.

Meeting Safe Return to Port requirement

In case of emergency, a reliable communication between the crew is crucial. To ensure efficient coordination and fast decision-making across the vessel, Zenitel supplied Safe Return to Port Solution. This secure wireless UHF communication system meets the requirements of the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) SRtP regulation.

Ensure the ferries crew stays connected

To cover all the communication needs of the crew on these large RoPax vessels, we have designed a future-proof integrated solution. The ships were equipped with IP Intercom based on ICX 500 that ensures excellent system availability and offers built-in security mechanisms. The solution comes with TMIS-1 IP turbine mini intercom stations for PAX cabins, IP DECT, and ACM digital programmable IP TalkBack systems.

State-of-the-art IP-based PAGA for innovative vessels

The superstar class RoPax is equipped with a flexible, scalable and programmable solution that offers excellent integration options. We have supplied IP Based Exigo PAGA, certified for the stringent safety standards for the most demanding environments. This system gives the ferry's crew high efficiency and crystal clear audio quality. To ensure effective operations onboard, our solution offers remote monitoring options and comes with a high degree of redundancy.

Flowire technology to solve the connection of equipment

Since most Ethernet cables are limited to only 100 meters, we suggested our innovative solution to tackle this issue. The two-wire Flowire network technology perfectly solved the connectivity issue between the IP intercom station and the EXIGO access panels on board almost 230 meters long ships. And there was no need for additional switches.