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Zenitel Etronic invests in new SMD for PCB production

Zenitel Etronic invests in new SMD for PCB production

Recently our Danish electronic production and assembly office, Zenitel Etronic invested in a brand- new Surface Mount Device (SMD). This replaces an 18-year-old technology and will...
Zenitel CCTV infographic

Zenitel Guide to Optimal CCTV System for Maritime and Energy

CCTV systems are now, more than ever, part of our RFQs for both Marine applications and Energy projects. Less than a year ago we completed a...
Zenitel TFIX systems and accessories, certified by DNV GL according to INMETRO standards

Zenitel TFIX systems & accessories receive INMETRO EX certification

DNV GL, an accredited certification body (CB) under the INMETRO scheme, certifies all types of equipment for use in explosive atmospheres.
Zenitel Technical Seminar at Nor-Shipping 2019

Join our Technical Seminar at Nor-Shipping

For the first time - and due to popular demand - this year, Nor-Shipping has invited its exhibitors to present their solutions in a dedicated arena...
Zenitel VS-IS 4.11 release

Vingtor-Stentofon Intercom Suite (VS-IS) 4.11

Zenitel is pleased to announce that our VS-IS 4.11 release is now in General Availability.
Zenitel successful FAT for Equinor

Successful FAT for Equinor CCTV system

Nor Electronics, a subsidiary company of Zenitel, has recently completed a successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for Equinor in the Nor Electronics Kristiansund office.
Lenel Open Alliance Logo

Vingtor-Stentofon by Zenitel Group Receives Lenel Factory Certification Under the Lenel® OpenAccess Alliance Program

Vingtor-Stentofon’s AlphaCom Audio Server, Turbine Video Intercoms (TCIV), and CP-CAM interfaces with Lenel’s OnGuard® access control security system.
Zenitel AlphaWiki - picture

Zenitel AlphaWiki goes public

In order to increase our online visibility and provide useful tools and information for people using our systems, we have made AlphaWiki public at .
Schneider Electric - picture

AlphaCom and Andover Continuum Integration

The Andover Continuum – Vingtor-Stentofon IP Interface provides a simple, yet powerful interface for trapping Vingtor-Stentofon intercom events and triggering Andover Continuum Plain English commands.

New EXIGO Amplifiers catalog

Take a look at our new EXIGO Amplifiers catalog for Maritime. Intelligent high-performance, IP-based amplifiers Efficient and compact - less space, less heat, less maintenance, scalable...
TFIE-6 Industrial Turbine Intercom Station - picture

TFIE-6 Turbine Industrial IP Intercom with display

The new TFIE-6 is part of our latest VS-IS 4.7 release . This turbine industrial station is now a standard product, triggered by a need from...
Acronyms and abbreviations - picture

Do you know your VoIP from your CCoIP?

Abbreviations and acronyms have become increasingly common in everyday use. They can help us save time and space, as long as everybody understands what they mean.