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FCDC3 IP over two-wire technology

IP over two-wire with Flowire Solutions

A reliable IT infrastructure ensures uninterrupted operations and high performance of critical maritime communication, data transmission, CCTV, or IoT systems. However, replacing all existing cables to...
ICX-500 Platform and intercom stations from Zenitel

The future of offshore PABX is based on the intelligent ICX-500 platform

In demanding environments, every single word can be crucial. The operational efficiency, safety, and security of the crew on marine vessels and offshore installations depend on...
The EXIGO PAGA system mounted in rack ready for delivery to offshore oil & gas platform

IP-based PAGA system in offshore markets - because efficiency counts

A Public Address & General Alarm (PAGA) system integrates broadcasting with emergency communication and alarms, enabling fast, safe, and efficient communication with the crew and passengers...
illustration of the offshore wind eco landscape

Offshore wind – huge potential for both energy and maritime operators

Offshore wind power has the potential to play a crucial role in the global transition to renewable and low-carbon energy. According to Offshore Wind Outlook 2019...

Marine IPTV screens - you’ve seen them around, undoubtedly

Shopping malls, hotels, airports and aircraft, buses, and subways, and of course inside of many vessels. They’re everywhere it seems.
illustration of autonomous vessel system and link from vessel to onshore control center

Autonomous Vessels and Internal Communication Systems

Worldwide interest in remotely controlled, and autonomous vessels is increasing, usually in combination with zero emission propulsion systems, and now also with zero emissions on the...

Zenitel adds leading Powersoft music amplifiers to their Maritime & Energy product range

Zenitel is adding a new range of amplifiers for music and entertainment to add even more flexibility and quality integration to their portfolio for marine applications,...

A-Kabel, providing new headset range for Zenitel

Zenitel has selected A-Kabel to manufacture a range of headsets for its Maritime & Energy product portfolio, where rough use meets durable Norwegian design.
ICX-500 Gateway receives Marine Approval from DNV GL

Marine Approval for ICX-500 Gateway

Zenitel Maritime & Energy is just about to conclude the DNV GL Type Approval for ICX-500 as a server in our well

Remote Factory Acceptance Tests

For many of our customers, a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is part of their requirements. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the need has emerged for remote FAT...

Intelligent Communication for Offshore Markets

Zenitel is leading the offshore market with high-tech communication solutions for remote applications onboard vessels and offshore platforms.
Zenitel integration with XProtect video management software

XProtect® integration launches on Milestone Marketplace

We are pleased to announce that our ICX-AlphaCom and IC-EDGE integration with Xprotect® is now available on the Milestone Marketplace