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Item Number: 1008031000

IP Flush Master Station This product has been replaced by 1008431000 CRM-V-2

  • Compatible with ICX-AlphaCom, IC-EDGE and iPBXs (SIP)
  • Made for CCoIP® - Critical Communication over IP
  • Robust aluminium front plate
  • Large high contrast display with backlight for excellent readability
  • Four dynamic navigation keys and four DAK keys for quick access to system menus and directory entries.
  • White light behind all keys for excellent readability in dark environments
  • Optional noise cancelling goose-neck microphone
  • Optional handset unit
  • Optional IP DAK-48 Unit
  • Remote software upgrade, configuration and monitoring
  • Integrated data switch with advanced networking and security functions
  • Powered from the IP network cable using Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Superb audio quality – high bandwidth codec, active noise cancellation, acoustic echo cancellation and high output power amplifier
  • Clean relay output contact for control of external equipment

This product has been replaced by 1008431000 CRM-V-2

The CRM-V is an IP control room intercom intended for use in control and guard rooms. The station features a large high contrast display with adjustable backlight and up to 8 lines with 20 characters. The station has four direct access keys. Each key has a red and a green LED to show status.

The IP station supports open standards and is compatible with ICX-AlphaCom, IC-EDGE and iPBXs using SIP technology. When working in ICX-AlphaCom mode, the IP station supports special services only available using the Vingtor-Stentofon CCoIP protocol, AlphaCom server. Examples of services are emergency broadcast with volume override, CCTV integration, call priority, and AlphaNet multisite networking and event scripting.

Like all Vingtor-Stentofon stations, this IP flush station features superb audio quality. This is enabled through a set of advanced technologies such as active noise filtering, acoustic echo cancellation, wide band audio codec, and high power audio outputs. The IP station has an integrated managed data switch providing advanced networking and security features. The integrated switch provides support for:

  • Protection from unwanted access Protection from unwanted access
  • Quality of Service (QoS) by managing data traffic
  • Increased system availability through redundant LAN infrastructure
  • Cost efficient installation by providing shared network connections

To provide maximum availability the station comes with advanced supervision functions. The station line test will detect if there is any faults in the network or station electronics. In addition the station supports tone test, testing the complete transmission path including microphone and speaker. The status of the stations is reported to AlphaWeb as well as to 3rd party management systems using SNMP, Syslog or OPC.

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Dimensions (WxHxD) 125 x 280 x 33 mm
Weight 0.63 kg
Temperature Range -15ºC to +50ºC
Relative humidity < 95% not condensing
User interface Backlit graphical display, 35 mm x 68 mm, 4 function keys, 4 programmable direct access keys (DAK), Green/Red status, LED per DAK, Full keypad, Call indication LED
Power Power over Ethernet, IEEE 802.3 a-f, Class 0, Local power 19 – 27 VDC, Idle 4W, max. 8W
Connectors RJ45 (Ethernet) - RJ11 (Handset & Headset), Pluggable screw terminals (I/O local power)
Remote control Max. switching capacity , Max. voltage relay, Max current relay 3 digital inputs, 1 relay output and one logical output, 30W DC, 60V DC, 1A DC
SIP RFC 3261, SIP Info (DTMF), RFC 2833 (DTMF)
IP protocols IIP v4 - TCP - UDP - HTTPS – TFTP - RTP - RTCP -DHCP - SNMP - DiffServ - TOS – STENTOFON CCoIP® - SIP
LAN protocols Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 a-f), VLAN (IEEE 802.1pq), Network Access Control (IEEE 802.1x)
Audio technology Telephony 3.4kHz (G.711) , Wideband/HD Voice (G.722), Active noise filtering, Acoustic echo cancellation, Open duplex, Volume override
Audio output 1.5 Watt - 75 dB @ 1 m from speaker
Management and operation HTTPS (Web configuration), DHCP and static IP, Remote automatic software upgrade, Centralized monitoring, Status LED
Advanced features Dual port managed data switch supporting VLAN and network access control
Compliance CE and FCC Part 15
Certificates UL 60950-1, cUL 60950-1, CB to IEC 60950-1
IP Rating IP-32

IP Flush master station

Gooseneck Microphone


Gooseneck Microphone for IP Flush Master CRM-V


IP OR Master, Display

Intercom for Cleanrooms and Operating Rooms This product has been replaced by 1008415000 IP-CROR

Date Name Category Size
24.08.2022 ACM Polski Rejestr Statkow No TE-2040-880575-14 Certificate 112.09 KB Download
19.12.2022 DK-50274-UL CB to IEC 60950-1 Certificate 155.88 KB Download
19.12.2022 20151207-E317047 UL60950-1 Certificate 415.00 KB Download
06.04.2021 A100K11211 Master Stations SIP Configuration Manual 3,903.21 KB Download
06.04.2021 A100K10602 AlphaCom E/XE User Guide Manual 7,123.34 KB Download
03.11.2022 A100K11591 Installation Kit Cat6a Connection Guide Manual 318.30 KB Download
06.04.2021 A100K10788 IP Master Stations Installation & Configuration Manual 5,964.01 KB Download
11.01.2021 A100K10796 Gooseneck Microphone Installation Manual 561.88 KB Download
11.01.2021 A100K10797 IP Flush Master Station Handset Installation Manual 925.34 KB Download
08.01.2021 A100K11522 IP Flush Master Handset Compatibility Configuration Manual 1,245.65 KB Download
06.04.2021 A100K10935 IP Master Getting Started Manual 799.17 KB Download
12.05.2020 Declaration of Conformity FCC 1008031000 IP Flush Master Station Declaration 32.70 KB Download
12.05.2020 Declaration of Conformity CE 1008031000 CRM-V IP Flush Master Declaration 165.15 KB Download
28.04.2021 CRM-V IP Flush Master CAD 2D 95.78 KB Login to download
28.04.2021 CRM-V IP Flush Master Station (DWG/RFA) BIM 482.12 KB Login to download
24.08.2022 IC-EDGE Quick Start Guide Manual 1,284.35 KB Download
24.08.2022 A100K12031 IC-EDGE Quick Configuration Manual 996.68 KB Download