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The EXIGO PAGA system mounted in rack ready for delivery to offshore oil & gas platform

Introducing EXIGO, Zenitel's cutting-edge IP Public Address System designed for maritime and offshore applications.

Unlock the potential of your past investments by seamlessly integrating various communication systems into your PA infrastructure. With advanced monitoring, remote operation, and maintenance capabilities, EXIGO empowers organizations to centralize operations efficiently.

Backed by over 10 years of expertise in critical communication over IP, EXIGO delivers a flexible, scalable, and programmable solution for unparalleled control and reliability in maritime and offshore environments.

Elevate your communication strategy with EXIGO – where innovation meets efficiency at sea.

    • IP-based PA system with networked components
    • PA and GA, certified for marine environments
    • Supports Zenitel (Vingtor-Stentofon) Integrated PA/GA and Intercom solution
    • Full monitoring of system components, access panels, and speaker loops
    • Full monitoring of all devices with SNMP and Syslog
    • Power amplifiers, 100/70 volt line with Ethernet interface
    • Supports 250 PA zones
    • Supports 150 IP access panels
    • Fully programmable control inputs and outputs
    • Analog audio inputs and outputs
    • AC and DC operation with automatic switch-over functionality
    • Integration with IPBX, foghorn and fire alarm
    • Supports Zenitel IP loudspeakers
    Name Sort descending Document Type Changed Document
    A100K11460 Exigo Technical Manual 1.7.pdf Manual 08.10.2023 - 01:28 Login to download
    A100K12107 Exigo PAGA System Network Guideline Manual 03.10.2023 - 02:35 Login to download
    Exigo China Classification Society Type Approval - BG20PTA00001 Certificate 29.09.2023 - 01:08 Download
    Exigo DNV Type Approval - TAA000003W-rev8 Certificate 08.10.2023 - 01:28 Download



    Wall Loudspeaker 6W with Volume Control and Override. Failsafe



    Exigo Industrial Ex Access Panel, 6 Buttons - V2



    Exigo Industrial Access Panel, 1 Button


    Exigo Button Expansion Module, 8 Buttons