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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Protect your Communication Solutions

Our society, economy, and critical infrastructures have become very dependent on computer networks and IT solutions. However, that dependence can open our networks to cybercriminals, who...

Meet our Team: Paul Rux

Paul Rux, Director of Sales for Mexico and the South-Central Region of the US, recently celebrated his 16th anniversary with Zenitel. Get to know this talented...

Meet our Team: Kristoffer Høgberg

Zenitel offers a number of technical product training sessions in September, all live streamed by our training team in Trondheim. They are free and exclusively available...

Meet our India Team: Ashutosh Chauhan and Deepak Vasudevan

Zenitel is excited to be in India, which is a strategic, vibrant, diverse and sophisticated market spread over a topography that represents all the climatic, geographic,...

Zenitel Helps Secure West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

How does West Bend Mutual Insurance, which provides insurance coverages and services to home and auto owners and employs 1,200+ associates, secure its facilities?

Zenitel and AMAG Technology Deliver the Goods

How does DPD Netherlands, which ships 7.5 million parcels to more than 230 countries worldwide each day, secure its facilities?

Better Together: Zenitel and Open Options/Vanderbilt

Intelligent communication solutions play a critical role in security and everyday building operations, leading to budget optimization, situational awareness, timely response, and resilience.

The Importance of Intelligible Audio in Security

Imagine this scenario: you are entering a parking garage and you can’t hear what the security guard says because the noise from the vehicle behind you...

Calculating the Cost and Value of Audio in Security

Audio that is integrated with video, video management, emergency management, and access control, can proactively mitigate security incidents. But how is it measured within an enterprise?

Extending the Security Perimeter with Audio

In today’s risk environment for schools and campuses, a silent security system cannot be an effective security system.

Meet Our Team: Michal Riha

Our Zenitel global team is made up of engineers, sales leaders, product managers, technical experts, designers, cybersecurity professionals, marketing professionals and more, spread across 15 countries...

Better Together: Zenitel and Microsoft Teams

Imagine if you could answer an intercom call with your Microsoft Teams account, no matter where you are in a building.