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Emergency Communication Tower / Stanchion

Item Number: 2809016006

1600-04 Tower w/ Opt 4 CCTV Mount & amp; Mass Notification

NB: This product is only available in North America.

Emergency points
  • Integrated emergency and wide-area emergency broadcast system
  • Concealed high-power speakers provide 360° coverage
  • LED blue light strobe mounted atop the tower: LED light is continuously lit; light is activated by EMERGENCY button when call is placed or by command of remote guard calling into the emergency phone
  • Faceplate is continuously lit by ultra-bright LED front panel
  • A variety of lettering, signage and color choices are available
  • Amplifier and speakers mount inside the tower
  • Station must be equipped with PA interface adapter board to use internal amplifier and speakers
  • CCTV Camera and dome provided by others
  • Voltage Options - 120 VAC, 12/24 VDC & 24 VAC

The 2809016006 Emergency Stanchion is a vandal resistant 13’5” tower designed for use with the Zenitel  hands-free emergency stations. It is ideal for college campuses, open lot parking facilities, medical centers, city streets, and any other open space where security is a concern.

The stanchion comes equipped with an integrated blue light. The blue light is always lit, calling attention to the location of the emergency intercom. The LED light automatically pulses when the emergency intercom is activated. The pulsing continues until terminated by the security personnel receiving the emergency call. The tower is made of a vandal resistant 1/4” thick steel column with a multi-coat, rust inhibitive coating design to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh environments. The blue light/strobe is located on top of the column. The stanchion has a variety of lettering, signage and color options available. The station has a LED front panel that illuminates the face of the emergency intercom. When the station is equipped with the PA interface adapter board, emergency and general paging announcements can be made through the station and PA speakers. However, when the intercom station places or receives a call, the audio will only be heard from the station.

Station Options for the Towers or Wall Units: The Turbine series of stations are used along with the Turbine adapter plate. See more information on the specification page for part numbers.

Turbine Series IP:
10001600TA Turbine Adapter Plate
1008111010 TCIS-1
1008111020 TCIS-2
1008111030 TCIS-3
1008111040 TCIS-4
1008111050 TCIS-5
1008111060 TCIS-6
Turbine Series Analog:
1008114010 TCAS-1
1008114020 TCAS-2
1008114030 TCAS-3
1000968903 Relay Board (required for Turbine Analog Stations)
Dimensions: 10” D x 12” W x 11.94' H with 2 (51) radius on each corner in (mm)
Mount Weight: 485 lbs. (220 kg)
Construction: 0.25” (6.3mm) steel with multi-coat rust inhibitive coating
Mounting: Mounts into concrete foundation using included hardware (shipped in advance)
Broadcast Audio: Four 40 watt concealed speakers (one in each direction) with 100 watt amplifier
Lettering: 3.25” (83mm) high reflective letters, available in choice of colors
Date Name Category Size Document
8.09.2023 Zenitel Emergency Stanchions (Americas) EN Brochure 2.99 MB Download
7.09.2020 Emergency Stanchion 1600-04MN_2809016006 CAD 2D 1.81 MB Login to download