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Emergency Communication Wall Unit

Item Number: 2809016020

1602 Deluxe Stanchion Wall Unit

NB: This product is only available in North America.

Emergency points
  • Economical & Reliable Emergency Communications
  • Extremely Durable Design - Resists Environment and Vandalism
  • LED Blue Light Flashes when Unit is Activated - LED Blue Light is Constantly On
  • Easy to Install Versatile Modular Design
  • Unit Meets All ADA Requirements
  • Design Can be Customized to Meet Customer Requirements
  • Available painted in colors Blue, Red and Yellow (stainless steel version shown) 
  • Voltage Options - 120 VAC, 12/24 VDC & 24 VAC
  • Note: All IP Turbine Intercoms require IP station license.

The emergency/security wall unit is a high visibility, vandal resistant, stainless steel unit designed for use with the Zenitel  Emergency/Security Stations. The Emergency/Security Wall Unit can be painted in blue, red and yellow as required.

The wall unit is ideal for use in parking facilities, college campuses, medical centers and multi-building complexes. The wall unit has an integrated blue light encased in Lexan. The blue light is always lit, calling attention to the location of the emergency communication unit. When the intercom station is activated, the light flashes at 78 fpm. The light flashes until either actively terminated by the personnel receiving the call or automatically upon termination of the call itself.

The wall mount is equipped with a concealed LED panel light that continuously illuminates the face of the emergency phone.The wall mount is made of a vandal resistant, 12-gauge vertical brushed stainless steel, designed to withstand prolonged exposure to harsh environments.

Station Options for the Towers or Wall Units: The Turbine series of stations are used along with the Turbine adapter plate. See more information on the specification page for part numbers.  

Turbine Series IP:
10001600TA Turbine Adapter Plate
1008111010 TCIS-1
1008111020 TCIS-2
1008111030 TCIS-3
1008111040 TCIS-4
1008111050 TCIS-5
1008111060 TCIS-6
Turbine Series Analog:
1008114010 TCAS-1
1008114020 TCAS-2
1008114030 TCAS-3
1000968903 Relay Board (required for Turbine Analog Stations)
Dimensions: 10.5 x 8.1 x 31.9 in
Mount Weight: 41 lbs.
Construction: 12 gauge stainless steel with impact-resistant polycarbonate lens
Mounting: To wall or strapped to poll or kiosk. Optional strapping kit required.

Date Name Category Size Document
8.09.2023 Zenitel Emergency Stanchions (Americas) EN Brochure 2.99 MB Download
30.06.2021 ZENITEL Emergency Stanchions March 2021 EN Brochure 454.37 KB Download
28.05.2021 2809016020 Emergency Stanchion 1602 Deluxe Wall Unit (DWG/RFA) BIM 600.2 KB Login to download
9.09.2020 2809016020_1602_Deluxe CAD CAD 2D 404.93 KB Download