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zenitel maritime & energy partner meeting
Continued Growth through Partner Elevation
In the last week of April, with spring just around the corner, Zenitel hosted their first maritime and energy partner meeting in years. Due to previous COVID-19 restrictions, it was time to finally gather our partners from around the world in a physical event where information could be shared, and ideas could grow.
Navigating the Offshore Wind Eco Landscape: The Crucial Role of Effective Communication Systems
Offshore wind is on the rise globally, as an increasing number of countries are setting net-zero emission targets. Experts predict that its contribution to total wind production will reach 34%, totaling almost 2000 GW by 2050. Yet, behind the sleek, eye-catching designs of offshore wind turbines, a complex ecosystem operates seamlessly, driven by technology and teamwork.
Exigo Alarm Panel for bridge on Naval Vessel
5 Reasons to Retrofit Naval Vessels with the Exigo PAGA System
In the realm of naval operations, where split-second decisions shape mission success, there's an undeniable imperative for state-of-the-art and superior communication systems. They provide a critically important advantage: reliable, fast, and efficient communication among crew members, command, and other ships. These systems enable timely response to emergencies, the seamless coordination of Navy missions, the issuance of commands, and the upholding of on-board safety.
Hybrid Ferry to operate Gulf of Naples
Gulf Of Naples Sets New Standards in Emission Reduction
Meet the Gulf of Naples — a single-hull HSC (Hybrid High-Speed Craft). This cutting-edge passenger ferry, one of the remarkable Hybrid Passenger Ferries, was designed and constructed by the Intermarine Research Centre for Marinvest and SNAV.. Both companies are part of the MSC Group. Scheduled to commence operations in 2024, the state-of-the-art vessel will establish new benchmarks for eco-friendly short-haul sea crossings in the Gulf of Naples.