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Túnel de la Línea

Enabling Clear Communications in the Túnel de la Línea

Zenitel is ensuring clear communications throughout the 5.3-mile long Túnel de la Línea highway tunnel in Colombia.

Zenitel and Cortech celebrate 15 years of integration

Zenitel and Cortech Developments are pleased to announce and celebrate 15 years of integration, where decision management software and audio is successfully combined.
Bama case study

Pain-free gate entry solutions for high noise environments

Zenitel provided a gate entry solution for a high-noise environment to help BAMA Gruppen AS accomplish their mission.

Happy Anniversary Zenitel Finland!

Today, Zenitel Finland reaches an important milestone : 60th anniversary!
IPTV System and integrated communications onboard new Cable Repair vessel designed by VARD and built at Colombo Dockyard

IPTV solutions and integrated communications from Zenitel

Colombo Dockyard builds a cable repair vessel (Hull NC-0256) with IPTV solutions and integrated communications from Zenitel. This proud new BV-classed, Vard-designed vessel will have station-keeping...
Phillip Cerian, CEO Marine Maritronics

Maritronics - another proud Zenitel Maritime & Energy Partner

Maritronics has not only been associated with the Maritime Industry but also with quality since its birth in 1980. From its early beginnings in the demanding...

Don’t miss visiting us at India's largest integrated event on Traffic, Transport & new Mobility

We're counting down the days to show you our Intelligent Critial Communication Solutions at TrafficInfraTech Expo, from November 16-18 in Mumbai, India.
Avigilon integration

Better Together: Zenitel and Avigilon

At Zenitel, we believe in the power of product integrations. When people work together for a common goal, often, things can be achieved for a greater...

Marine IPTV screens - you’ve seen them around, undoubtedly

Shopping malls, hotels, airports and aircraft, buses, and subways, and of course inside of many vessels. They’re everywhere it seems.
PSA Security Blog Zenitel

10 Questions to Ask Before Selecting an IP Intercom Solution

Today’s enterprise security systems need access control, video surveillance, and IP Intercom solutions working together to mitigate security risks. But not all intercom solutions are created...
Return on Investment with Security

How Audio Adds ROI to Security Programs

The concept of ROI is simple. You invest time, money, and/or resources into the right security solutions to mitigate security and safety risks.

Protecting a College Campus with a Communications 'Umbrella'

How important is sound? Hearing sound every day enables us to connect to people and to the world.