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Inter Atlantic modern well-boat, equipped by Redcai
Modern well-boat for Intership, equipped with Zenitel systems
Inter Atlantic is a newbuild well-boat delivered to Norwegian company Intership by Zamakona Yards in Spain. This state-of-the-art live fish carrier was designed to provide salmon farmers in Scotland and Canada with unique innovations for efficient and eco-friendly operations. REDCAI, SA, a partner of Zenitel, delivered an integrated critical communication system for this modern vessel.
Østfold Hospital Kalnes
Zenitel’s helps keeping people and asset safe, secure, and informed. We are proud to see our solutions meeting critical communication needs to a hospital that is busy serving a thriving community in Kalnes, Norway.
Crollrail Elisabeth Line
Crossrail Elizabeth Line
Zenitel delivered VIPA Public Address technology to provide clear audio over the full 118km length of the Crossrail Elizabeth Line. This included delivery of station PAVA systems and IP integration to the line control system.
Marine approved CCTV cameras onboard vessel
5 reasons to install CCTV systems on board your vessel
Video Surveillance and area monitoring solutions have become essential in ensuring marine vessels’ safety and security. With reliable and robust CCTV systems on board, crews can monitor key areas of the ship, detect potential hazards, and effectively respond to emergencies. Let’s take a closer look at the five paramount reasons to install Maritime CCTV solutions and the most important factors to consider when choosing the right system.
Gatwick Airport
Inovative multi-node distributed Public Address and Voice Alarm system to streamline operations for Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal.