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Zenitel and AMAG Technology Deliver High-Rise Security Solution

How is the Gilbane Building Company securing its new Hines 100 Mill high rise in Tempe, AZ?
Zenitel Intelligent Critical Communication

Voluntary public takeover bid on Zenitel: extension of the acceptance period of the reopening until Friday 21 May 2021

House of Thor BV/SRL announces that the reopened acceptance period, which was opened on Monday 26 April 2021 is extended until Friday 21 May 2021 at 4:00 pm (Belgian time).

How Important is Product Integration?

There’s an old saying : “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
Zenitel Intelligent Critical Communication

House of Thor BV/SRL announces increase of bid price in the context of its public takeover bid on Zenitel

On 23 April 2021 3D Investors has announced an increase of the bid price for the shares in Zenitel to EUR 25,50 per share.
Zenitel Intelligent Critical Communication

Publication of a transparency notification (article 14 of the law of 2 May 2007 on the disclosure of major holdings)

Zenitel NV received a transparency notification on 23 April 2021, indicating that House of Thor BV, following the acquisition of shares on 19 April 2021, holds...

Zenitel adds leading Powersoft music amplifiers to their Maritime & Energy product range

Zenitel is adding a new range of amplifiers for music and entertainment to add even more flexibility and quality integration to their portfolio for marine applications,...

10 Questions to Ask Before Selecting an IP Intercom Solution

Today’s interactive enterprise security systems need access control, video surveillance, and IP Intercom solutions working together to mitigate security risks. But not all intercom solutions are...
Zenitel Appoints ELCA ACS Srl  Center of Excellence for Italy 

Zenitel Appoints ELCA ACS Srl as Center of Excellence for Italy 

Zenitel, leading supplier of intelligent and interoperable communication solutions, announces that it has appointed ELCA ACS Srl as its new Center of Excellence for Italy for onshore safety & security...

Maritime & Energy Focus: Middle East Shipbuilding

Working with several large Middle Eastern, Indian and Sri Lankan shipyards, as well as marine system integrators, Zenitel has recently delivered critical integrated communications and safety...

Does Bad Audio Mean Poor Security?

Picture this scenario: a security guard is protecting a facility after hours, when an individual approaches the entrance and seeks to gain access.

The Power of Audio

How many times have you turned your head, or paused, when you heard a car alarm go off? Or glass that hits the floor and breaks?...
Zenitel Audio for School Safety

Five Ways Intercoms Can Secure Schools

Schools face a wide range of risks, particularly at their entrances. Hardening a school entrance is critical, but not always easy, as often criminals enter a...