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superyacht emerald azzurra a part of emerald cruises new superyacht program
Superyacht Emerald Azzurra delivered to owner
Emerald Cruises, part of the Scenic Group, has just received their first of two recently commissioned superyachts that will set a new standard for luxury cruising. On 8th of February the superyacht Emerald Azzurra left La Hong Shipyard in Vietnam on course for Aqaba, Jordan.
Great expectations for U.S. offshore wind farms and SOVs
In April 2021, President Joe Biden promised significant support for green energy in the United States. Offshore wind farms, a more developed market in Europe, but hardly established in the U.S., will be a growth stimulating opportunity in all those industries that create the infrastructure and installations and the myriad vessels that serve them. One exciting proposal will be a huge new project off the coast of New Jersey.
On storm-tossed offshore energy rigs, reliable communications are vital
In one of the world’s most challenging environments where workers fight the elements every day, secure and reliable communications are vital. That is why the new agreement between market-leading communications systems installer 4MS Network Solutions of Scotland and world-beating communications platform provider The Zenitel Group of Norway is creating waves across the United Kingdom’s offshore oil, gas and maritime sectors.