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Schleuse Hirschhorn

Scanvest renews sluice intercom at Schleuse Hirschhorn and implements IP technology while retaining the existing cabling


The Requirement

In the course of the renewal of the Schleuse Hirschhorn sluice facility the intercom system that had been in place since 1991 was also to be renewed. The analog system no longer met the current requirements for safe sluice operations. Scanvest set up a versatile IP solution, in which the existing cabling could be retained as far as possible.

System structure

The entire Hirschhorn sluice was equipped with various IP intercom stations and loudspeakers. Depending on the application area, versatile video intercom stations or robust industrial stations were used. Calls from the system are handled at the Hirschhorn central control unit. Depending on the call station there is the option of adding a video image. From the control room, it is also possible to make announcements via loudspeakers.
The paging stations can also communicate with each other, so that it is possible to speak from any point
in the sluice facility that is relevant for operation. The system is IP-based and uses the existing cabling by means of two-wire converters.signage screens

Schleuse Hirschhorn

The solution

Development of a control panel with individually designed user interface according to specification C8 of the WSV

Stainless steel columns with intercom units in special color for boat tow

Preservation of the existing cabling by use of two-wire converters

Delivery, installation and commissioning by Scanvest

Column with turbine TCIS station for boat towing
The intercom stations at the boat tows can be used to contact the operator’s station. Thanks to Turbine technology, they have excellent voice quality even in the noisy environment. Columns and intercom stations were powder-coated respectively foil-coated in RAL color 1023 on customer’s request, so that the intercom stations are visible from a distance. Two columns are used at the inner and outer part of the sluice.

TCIV+ Turbine Video Intercom
Two video intercom stations are used at the sluice facility: one at the main gate and one at the service building. From here, workers can call the operator’s station and can also communicate within the sluice facility. The TCIV-5 station at the service building is mounted in a weatherproof on-wall housing. The other video intercom station at the gate is installed as a flush-mount in the already existing wall cutout.
Both stations score with their IP audio features as well as their excellent video quality: they povide crystal clear audio and very good visibility even in the dark

TFIE Turbine Industrial Call Station
For the communication between operational points within the sluice facility (jetty, technical rooms, weir piers, outside area) and to the operator’s station, Hirschhorn choose robust IP industrial stations with direct dial buttons. Turbine technology ensures again, that very good audio quality is maintained even within reach of loud operating noises.

Central operating station: multifunctional control unit with touch display

Calls are visualized and processed with the aid of a multifunctional control panel. The individually programmed user interface allows individual selection of all intercom stations and loudspeakers of the sluice facility. If required, the video streams of the two Turbine IP video intercom stations can also be displayed here.