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Pain-free gate entry solutions for high noise environments

Zenitel were required to provide a gate entry solution for a high noise environment to help BAMA Gruppen AS accomplish their mission.

Bama Case study

Gate entry solutions and communication system that delivers high-quality audio while ensuring product longevity with products that withstand harsh, outdoor environments.


Bama Gruppen AS, Norway’s leading distributor of fruits and vegetables, had experienced a lot of issues with the audio on previous intercom solution. Bama’s Oslo facility accommodates more than 1600 delivery vehicles on weekly basis. High noise levels from running engines from trucks made it difficult for the security to personnel on the other side to understand the drivers. Gate entry solution is considered as a critical component of their overall physical and cyber security solution and having a fully operational gate entry system is mandatory.

Also, the devices need to be installed fully outside in demanding weather conditions in Norway. They needed a robust system that could provide crystal clear communication, while standing up to wear and tear, as well as the humid coastal climate. 

Gate Entry Solutions

Zenitel together with Caverion have worked with BAMA Gruppen AS to deliver a gate entry communication solution that not only eliminated challenges that they had with poor audio quality from previous intercom system, but also provided with an intercom system that has integrated HD video. With this, drivers can make themselves identifiable to security easily. Also, our IP video intercoms provided better security awareness for the personnel with real-time view of the gate entry and therefore be part of their overall perimeter protection eco-system. Our solution consists of: 

  • TCIV-3+ and TCIV-5+, HD-Video intercoms at external gates provides drivers with high-quality, crystal clear, more natural voice and video communication
  • ITSV-1 video desktop station at security control, where all video and audio feeds from the gates are received and managed.


The gate entry solutions delivered by Zenitel provided a solid foundation for their overall physical security infrastructure. The expectational audio performance of TCIV-3+ and TCIV-5+ have elevated the entry experience of the drivers as they no longer need to turn off their engines to enter the premises. Despite the noise of the vehicles, both security and the drivers are easily able to understand each other thanks to Zenitel’s advanced noise cancellation and automatic gain features.

With the high-definition camera feeds from TCIV-3+ and TCIV-5+, the security guards can take precautionary actions, should they suspect any incoming vehicles. 
The combination of high-quality audio and video guarantees clear and defined communication between those interested in accessing the BAMA premises and therefore help running their facility smoothly, safely, and securely. 

Bama case study 2

"We’ve experienced a lot of issues with the audio on our previous intercom solution on our site. The environment is very noisy and demanding. We get a lot of incoming trucks with their engines turned on. For that reason, we depend on having an effective solution delivering high quality audio, which we feel has been fulfilled in our new solution from Zenitel. That is the main reason the whole gate system functions so well." 

Mr. Zaheer Ahmad, Head of Security, Bama

Products and Solutions

About BAMA Gruppen AS

Bama-Gruppen AS is Norway's largest private distributor of fruit and vegetables. Bama-Gruppen is engaged in wholesale trading of imported and Norwegian-produced fresh produce in fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The company has five divisions: retail, industry, institutions, flowers, and convenience shops. 

About Caverion

Caverion is a Finnish listed company that designs, implements, and maintains building technology and industrial services. Caverion's offering covers the entire life cycle of buildings, infrastructure or industrial sites and processes: from design & build to projects, technical and industrial maintenance, facility management and advisory services.

About Zenitel

Zenitel is well positioned to drive the future of intelligent critical-communication solutions. Through Zenitel portfolio of IP products & solutions, with built-in intelligence and a focus on cybersecurity, we provide organizations with superior, scalable security and flexibility. Zenitel is the proven, preferred choice for environments requiring crystal-clear audio to ensure the protection of human life, property, assets, and the management of critical activities. With interoperability at all levels, we seamlessly integrate with access control, video management and security platforms.